Monday, August 30, 2010

An Unforgettable Wedding

Erica and Marshall had a beautiful wedding at the Brookshire. I totally recommend this venue to brides. Everything was gorgeous from the clean designed cake to the pop of color as their centerpieces. I adore the style of chairs in the reception area.

This was such a touching moment. The commitment to one another and a kiss on the hand.
One of my favorite candids is when the bride and groom are announced. I love how Marshall is being attacked by falling rice and Erica still looks stunning through it all.

Best wishes to this beautiful couple! Thank you for allowing me to capture your day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Studio and what it takes!

I take great pride in what I do. It is my baby and I am constantly nurturing it. I have received many questions about how much my studio costs per month, how much it cost to setup shop and for the grand opening. Here is a simple breakdown of those costs. This does not include cost of equipment owned previous or how much it actually cost me to run the business.

Deposit at lease signing: $1400
Bathroom remodel: $100

Studio basics per month:
Rent and utilities: $900
Random bills: $100
Supplies: $15

Frames,prints canvas and albums for studio: $2600
Seating (also used for props) $500
moveable wall: $125
backdrop box: $75
tables and storage: $500
props including backdrops, pillows,rugs,etc.: $1200

Grand Opening: $637

You should have at least 6 months rent saved when walking through the door.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gremadcha (Designer Spotlight)

Super fan of Etsy here! I am constantly on that site browsing and I can get sucked in to the madness of color and creativity by designers! Awhile back I happened to stumble upon Greta's shop Gremadcha. Completely fell in love with her designs. The simplicity and vibrancy of her headbands (she offers a variety of different designs and very cool jewelry) wowed me. So one arrived in my mailbox a few weeks ago and Emma modeled it. Really fit perfectly on her and we used it several ways. You must go check her out and did I mention one of her pieces would be a perfect detail to  your session outfit? It would!

To learn more about Greta visit

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Streak

June and July were busy months for weddings. I had never covered a wedding in July until this year. In fact I covered a wedding every weekend in July this year! I must be making up for the previous years. July is hot! But somehow for Rindy and Austin's wedding we got lucky on the heat. The bride and groom met up for pictures before the ceremony which I love!
I had Austin standing outside for what seemed forever as Rindy slowly came behind him. I absolutely love this moment. Rindy is an amazing person and I felt to blessed to be there that day.
If you notice above she has a book in her hand. A few weeks before she met me for a bridal session so she could gift this book of images to him. It was quite touching. Little details like this are fun! She also made her programs for the ceremony, her mom made her flowers and their reception centerpieces.

So after the ceremony and reception we walked out for Rindy to toss the bouquet and jumped in a limo for a spin around the block. As we drove around I decided we need to stop for more pictures. So glad we did!

Finally the entire bridal party ended the day with me at Glacier Ridge Park for the last round of pictures. Everyone loosened up and just had!
Rindy and Austin, I can't thank you enough for including me!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tampa Wedding

Last month I traveled once again to my favorite state (besides ohio ;)  ). This was my second wedding in Florida in less than 10 days! I was so excited to cover Amber and Jesse's exciting day. Amber had kept me up to date all year on what to expect and all of the beautiful details she was planning. They even agreed to meet before the ceremony  that way they could enjoy their own cocktail hour. It was very humid and like usual a threat for rain. As we drove to the meeting site we covered Jesse's eyes with a towel (quite the site and I was laughing the entire way) and Amber sat in the front seat not looking back. Pictures before the ceremony are so emotional! The bride and groom are soooo nervous before they see each other and once they do tears can form and huge smiles turn contagious. It was overall a beautiful night filled with close friends and family. All of Amber's hard work and planning paid off. A night never forgotten!
Best wishes to two beautiful people inside and out!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Staycation day 5,6 & 7

So my staycation is winding down. There really is not much to talk about. The last several days were spent going to birthday parties, hanging with friends, finding bugs, driving to marysville for some AWESOME cupcakes and painting. Wait I forgot one more thing. Yesterday I photographed the birthday bash session with 4 adorable one year olds!
Here are a few pictures!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Staycation day 3 & 4

Days 3 and 4 of my staycation have been pretty good. Not much going on honestly. NOT! So much has been going on. Let's start with yesterday. I watched Josh start on our upstairs hallway. We are painting and remodeling so I can finally hang some beautiful images. I will have to post before and after once we are finished! So after that the kids and I went to my  moms and jumped in the pool and walked through her backyard. I love her yard! I am thinking come fall I will use the following items for the kids pictures.

A little trail

 branch that is twisted
Love this!
I can see Brody sitting here with his army jacket.

So later in the evening I ventured out and met up with my photographer friend Sarah Gaylor and we photographed her clients who are getting married next month. Such a fun night at the fair. For now I will share a few fair pictures and one shot of the beautiful couple.

Now onto today.....well things could have gone a little better in the morning. My backup computer got attacked by a virus! So I am now without it for a few days. After I dealt with this it was time to play. The kids, their friends and I went to the "bunny fountains." It was a blast watching them play and giggle. Once we soaked in some sun I decided that we all needed sno cones! There is a great little sno cone hut here in town and they have soooo many flavors. We have been going several times a week. Here is a picture of Emma with her bestfriends Zach and Maddy. Really wish the light was better because this would have been an adorable image but I still think all the kiddos are cute.

Finally to end this evening I went to dinner with some fabulous friends who always make me laugh. Came home and finished painting baseboard. I am looking forward to the next few days and to get back to work!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Staycation Day 1 and 2

I have waited all summer to have time off and just to get things done. You know the things you put off during the winter and the things that you procrasinate doing? Not to mention I have not had any quality time with the kids and it was about time we had some fun! So day one of staycation was spent at the fair. They were geeked up to go and that's all they had been talking about up until yesterday. It was family day and crowded. We had planned to just spend a couple hours there and ended up staying 5 hours. The atmosphere sucked us in! The kids rode on the rides, we ate all kinds of food, played games and checked out the animals. It was an overall great trip except that I took the wrong lens with me! Noted for next time.


Fun Rides

A baby born monday morning

Where are the owners to this horse?

Day 2

So far today we have...ok I have watched Josh mulch the flowerbeds and work on the upstairs. Lot's of remodeling going on!
I will leave you with pictures of Brody and our new mulch.