Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Brings....

I notice everytime I come back to blogging it is about catching up or change. Yep here I go again. I know many of you do not get the newsletter and have missed out on my announcement and other news. So where do I want to start?? hmmmm...How about where the heck have I been???

Back in September I headed to Florida for vacation and a wedding. It was fabulous but I was not feeling fabulous. Feeling a little lazy for not being able to run after my kids or do the simple things I wanted to do made me upset. I decided I needed a change and thats when I started to eat better and exercise. Yes on vacation I started this...nice timing right?! The runs were slow and very hot. However the view was motivating enough to keep me going. Every morning I ran to the waterside and along a private drive with beautiful homes. The last night we were there we staged our own family photo which is my before picture I can use. Once I returned home I joined the Y, entered a few 5k's and changed my eating habits. The last 5 months were hard but worth it. I have lost a total of 30lbs so far. Feeling fabulous at 30 and I can now chase my kids without feeling winded.
Obviously along with this I was working but not as much. During this time I also launched Love Junkies with my friend Sarah Gaylor. Yes changes were being made but I knew more changes needed to be done. So what was next....well here we are.
I started MJP almost 6 years ago with children and family. It was everything to me and still is very near to my heart. However, 2012 bring many exciting changes in my life. Turning 30, the positive response to Love Junkies and the last year I will be offering children and family sessions. It took me many months to make this official. I had to be certain before I announced it. Now I am. Along with this I have changed the pricing structure for this last year. Children and family sessions will now be on a digital plan. I would like to think these new prices will give those a chance to experience MJP who might have not been able to before. I am limited to sessions each month now. I have several set dates per month planned out thru August.

Along with these changes brings more family time and a chance for me to return to school to finish my business degree. Something I really want to finish!

So now you know what I have been up to!

BUT there is still 8 months left in this year and my favorite event is happening next month. Our 5th annual FRESH FACE CONTEST!!! Stay tuned tomorrow as I post dates!