Thursday, August 5, 2010

Staycation day 3 & 4

Days 3 and 4 of my staycation have been pretty good. Not much going on honestly. NOT! So much has been going on. Let's start with yesterday. I watched Josh start on our upstairs hallway. We are painting and remodeling so I can finally hang some beautiful images. I will have to post before and after once we are finished! So after that the kids and I went to my  moms and jumped in the pool and walked through her backyard. I love her yard! I am thinking come fall I will use the following items for the kids pictures.

A little trail

 branch that is twisted
Love this!
I can see Brody sitting here with his army jacket.

So later in the evening I ventured out and met up with my photographer friend Sarah Gaylor and we photographed her clients who are getting married next month. Such a fun night at the fair. For now I will share a few fair pictures and one shot of the beautiful couple.

Now onto today.....well things could have gone a little better in the morning. My backup computer got attacked by a virus! So I am now without it for a few days. After I dealt with this it was time to play. The kids, their friends and I went to the "bunny fountains." It was a blast watching them play and giggle. Once we soaked in some sun I decided that we all needed sno cones! There is a great little sno cone hut here in town and they have soooo many flavors. We have been going several times a week. Here is a picture of Emma with her bestfriends Zach and Maddy. Really wish the light was better because this would have been an adorable image but I still think all the kiddos are cute.

Finally to end this evening I went to dinner with some fabulous friends who always make me laugh. Came home and finished painting baseboard. I am looking forward to the next few days and to get back to work!

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Mary said...

Where's the snow cone place? Snow cones are on our summer list!