Thursday, September 15, 2011

Katelyn and Wes

I remember the day I met fact it was not hard to forget because when she walked through my door I saw her wearing a bracelet that represented a dear friend of mine who had recently passed. At that moment I knew she was going to be a bride of mine. I am not sure if I really expressed how I felt about it but we both noticed each other wearing them which struck up instant conversation. That day I felt like it was a sign.
 Katelyn and Wes are such a fun loving couple. They had made great choices for picture locations and a great reception spot! They were spot on with her blue shoes and his cool socks. The bridal party was quite fab too and so easy to direct. I think the one thing I will remember most on their wedding day was our quick trip downtown worthington. Katelyn wanted a shot in the middle of the road and we got so lucky! As we were walking, a worthington cop just happen to be turning and stopped traffic for us to grab the bridal party shot. Perfect timing! The night ended perfectly with dancing and drinks.

Many Blessings to you both!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sam and Brandon

 I was super lucky to have Sarah by my side on this trip. Just the car ride there and back was enough to write a short story on. I will sum our trip up in the car by saying the following...,Hansel and Gretel, yogi bear, getting lost, deer, pulled over by cops, thong and the 3am giggles.

Ok now onto the important stuff....

First I want to thank Brandon and Sam for being so wonderful and flexible during their wedding day. It was such a breath of fresh air to have so much time to photograph just the bride and groom. Next I want to shout out to Sam's mom Berny for being AMAZING to Sarah and I.

We started the day at Kellogg Manor house by photographing the emotional getting ready process of Sam.

 Then we separated. Sarah went off with the guys and I took the girls. It was perfect outside with a slight breeze. The ceremony was beautiful minus my 70-200 fall off and me jumping to catch it (i swear i heard gasps behind me). Of course we finished pictures of family and enjoyed over an hour of photo time with the bride and groom. This was delightful! So relaxing and we accomplished so much. :)
The reception was at the Lawton Community center and there was a really neat museum inside.

All together a marvelous day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mackenzie and Josh

So thankful for people like Mackenzie and Josh. They welcomed me with open arms during their wedding. Making it so easy to photograph them and their wedding. The scenery around the church was so fun as you can see. M and J may your lives be full of love and laughter!