Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tampa Wedding

Last month I traveled once again to my favorite state (besides ohio ;)  ). This was my second wedding in Florida in less than 10 days! I was so excited to cover Amber and Jesse's exciting day. Amber had kept me up to date all year on what to expect and all of the beautiful details she was planning. They even agreed to meet before the ceremony  that way they could enjoy their own cocktail hour. It was very humid and like usual a threat for rain. As we drove to the meeting site we covered Jesse's eyes with a towel (quite the site and I was laughing the entire way) and Amber sat in the front seat not looking back. Pictures before the ceremony are so emotional! The bride and groom are soooo nervous before they see each other and once they do tears can form and huge smiles turn contagious. It was overall a beautiful night filled with close friends and family. All of Amber's hard work and planning paid off. A night never forgotten!
Best wishes to two beautiful people inside and out!

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