Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Streak

June and July were busy months for weddings. I had never covered a wedding in July until this year. In fact I covered a wedding every weekend in July this year! I must be making up for the previous years. July is hot! But somehow for Rindy and Austin's wedding we got lucky on the heat. The bride and groom met up for pictures before the ceremony which I love!
I had Austin standing outside for what seemed forever as Rindy slowly came behind him. I absolutely love this moment. Rindy is an amazing person and I felt to blessed to be there that day.
If you notice above she has a book in her hand. A few weeks before she met me for a bridal session so she could gift this book of images to him. It was quite touching. Little details like this are fun! She also made her programs for the ceremony, her mom made her flowers and their reception centerpieces.

So after the ceremony and reception we walked out for Rindy to toss the bouquet and jumped in a limo for a spin around the block. As we drove around I decided we need to stop for more pictures. So glad we did!

Finally the entire bridal party ended the day with me at Glacier Ridge Park for the last round of pictures. Everyone loosened up and just had!
Rindy and Austin, I can't thank you enough for including me!

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