Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Staycation Day 1 and 2

I have waited all summer to have time off and just to get things done. You know the things you put off during the winter and the things that you procrasinate doing? Not to mention I have not had any quality time with the kids and it was about time we had some fun! So day one of staycation was spent at the fair. They were geeked up to go and that's all they had been talking about up until yesterday. It was family day and crowded. We had planned to just spend a couple hours there and ended up staying 5 hours. The atmosphere sucked us in! The kids rode on the rides, we ate all kinds of food, played games and checked out the animals. It was an overall great trip except that I took the wrong lens with me! Noted for next time.


Fun Rides

A baby born monday morning

Where are the owners to this horse?

Day 2

So far today we have...ok I have watched Josh mulch the flowerbeds and work on the upstairs. Lot's of remodeling going on!
I will leave you with pictures of Brody and our new mulch.


Ashli Welsh said...

For our staycation last year we went to the Newport Aquarium in KY, really not far away and the kids had a blast! Looks like you had fun at the fair!

WineLover said...

I need a staycation!!!

Mary said...

We are going to the fair this weekend! I can't wait!