Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Back!

Holy smokes our summer break passed by quickly! I have several months of blogging to do now that the kids are heading back to school. (insert cheers!!)  It was a wonderful summer of portrait sessions, MANY weddings and the BEST for last...spending quality time with my kids. Due to my husband being gone 16 hours a day we made the decision that I needed to be home more and cut my hours down until he finished his exhausting schedule. Guess what? In two weeks I will be opening up a few more time slots for sessions each month and my hard working husband will be finished with his tiring schedule. (So thankful for all he has done for our family)
So what did I do between work??? Visited friends, spent many hours with my grandpa, went swimming, vacationed to Florida, traveled to Michigan, visited Kentucky, got a new hairdo,attended a Britney Spears concert and back to school shopping. The one thing I have been doing that is not so fun..physical therapy! However the Drayer team have been good to me and my collar bone is finally starting to feel better. Who knew carrying gear would create so much wear and tear to my shoulder.

Alright so I think that is a pretty good summary of my summer. Now let's blog!

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