Sunday, December 5, 2010

14 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day 1

Just to refresh everyone's memory about this designer! Perfect gift for your own little girl, a friend or yourself!
Maya's Curls Hair Bows and Accessories

Don't you just get excited when you find a product you love! As always my search for fun accessories never ends. I found designer Juliet and her amazing talent through Maya's Curls Hair Bows and Accessories facebook. The best thing is...she is local!

Juliet describes her accesories as modern and chic. her designs are versatile. You can use her clips on headbands, bows, hats or even pin them to dress up a shirt! She loves to mix and match or even make to match. She adores color and you will notice how beautifully her accessories pop with color in pictures. She expresses herself through art and her children. Juliet is always looking for ways to incorporate color in her life. As any small business owner she hopes to have her designs in boutiques VERY soon!
Who inspired her designs? You got it...her beautiful daughter Maya!

Check out the website . Get entered to win by becoming a fan on her facebook Maya's Curls and let her know I sent you! Then head to my fan page  MJP Facebook and comment on the post! Winner announced tonight!

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