Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do it yourself hair clip!

Ok so this has to be the easiest DIY project out there. I love headbands and flowers. In fact you can find them at any store and prices can vary. So what I did is create my own!

What you need:

You can find everything at Michaels.
1) flower $.25-$1
2) 8 Hairclips $1.99
3) glue gun $2.99
4) glue sticks $1.99
5) scissors
6) ribbon (optional)
7) headband $1-target or michaels

How to:
1) if you are using ribbon take glue and glue on top of clip. twist your ribbon around the top part of the clip and then glue on the end to the inside of the clip.
2) Cut the flower off the stem and trim the bottom of the flower to make flat.
3) Glue the flower onto the top of the clip.