Monday, March 1, 2010

Do it yourself Flower Mat

As a photographer you know that your business is a big investment. I am constantly finding new things to spend my money on. However, it looks easy to make then I go for it. The flower mat is popular among some photographer's. I use mine maily for backdrops.

Here are the instructions on how to make one!
Everything can be picked up at Michaels.

1 package of FELT (46"x44") $2.99
1 bottle of spray adhesive ($7.99)
2 flower vines ($3.99 ea.) or 12 fluffy flowers by the stem ($2.50 ea)
Wire cutters

Step 1
Take the flowers off the vine your purchase and cut the stubs off with wire cutters. This will allow for a flat surface and will stick better to the felt.

Step 2
Spray adhesive starting with one row and pushing flowers in place. I prefer to work front to back but it does not matter. Keep doing this until your felt is completely covered. If you are using fluffy flowers I suggest keeping a small middle spot open for your subject to lay. Then also hold back a few spare flowers to place on top of baby if needed.

Step 3
Lay flat to dry 24 hours

Here is Brody with my flower mat being used at a backdrop. Just something different to try out especially because I don't normally put boys laying on the mat.

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