Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Voting Poll Hacked

Update Thursday: The contestants parents and I have come to agree on canceling the public voting. I have created a panel of judges consisting of photographers and art enthusiasts to judge the babies. This will allow for fair judging. Thank you to everyone who visited the site to vote. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Updated Wednesday:
Voting starts now. You will not be able see the results until monday.

I am disappointed to tell everyone that the voting poll was hacked into and votes were destroyed! We will have to restart the voting tomorrow and extend it until Monday.


Jodi said...

That is awful!

Shana said...

Melissa - I have been thinking about this and it is very unfortunate that someone would hack into the contest. I was debating on sending another email to all our friends and family who have voted and have decided against doing so. I do not feel comfortable asking them to vote again as it seems like the contest has been compromised. Instead of allowing the public to vote, maybe you should ask independent friends or family who have no interest in the contest to vote on their favorite. Just a suggestion. Shana

Anonymous said...

how sad! Lets hope each family has the confidence that their child is beautiful enough to win this without cheating!!! Because each one looks like a winner to me!! They are all beautiful children!!

Anonymous said...

i can't vote. goes to some weird site when I click the vote button